Professional Andoid Developer

Professional Android Developer Program is designed for people who are interested in learning programming on Android platform. Android is a software platform that's revolutionizing the global cell phone market. It's the first open source mobile application platform that's moved the needle in major mobile markets around the globe. Android is primarily a Google effort, in collaboration with the Open Handset Alliance. Open Handset Alliance is an alliance of nearly 50 organizations committed to bringing a “better” and more “open” mobile phone to market. Considered a novelty at first by some, Android has grown to become a market-changing player in last few years, earning both respect and derision alike from peers in the industry. This program will give knowledge about Android OS and its programming. After learning this program the student can develop its own applications on Android.

Career Opportunities

Junior Programmer, Trainers, Application Developer, Interface Designer, Technical Support Executive. Work as a Freelancer. The course gives career readiness for fast growing mobile app development industry.